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Modern Series - Total Steam Oven

Steam cooking makes it possible to prepare moisture-rich meals preserving foods nutritional value, texture and flavour while reducing preparation times. Bertazzoni steam ovens enable you to choose between full steam cooking or to combine steam with traditional cooking functions. The intuitive controls make this very simple to set up and manage. Easy to clean with several Cleaning options from Pyro to Hydro Clean Functions, they are all A ++ Energy class rated for optimal energy consumption. Energy Efficient Direct Current Motor

Full steam for your health

It is scientifically proven that steam cooking vegetables helps retain more nutrients sensitive to higher temperatures such as folic and ascorbic acids, chlorophyll and vitamins C,B,E, K. With fish and notably with salmon, steam cooking gives excellent results in terms of moisture and taste. It retains more Iron, Calcium, Zinc and proteins than alternative cooking methods.

Steam Assist Function

Cooking with the oven has never been so easy and tasteful. Discover more intense flavours and textures in your Baking and Roasting: your meat, fish and focaccia crunchy outside and moist inside. Bertazzoni Steam Assist oven combine steam injections with traditional cooking functions in three different steam intensity levels: low, medium and high according to quantity of humidity needed in the cavity. For more information on the Total Steam Oven, head to now.